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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I purchase The Teg Uniform products?

You can purchase our products online, or at one of our stores (retail outlets / in-school store)

Where can I find out about discounts or offers available?

We offer special discounts on accessories. Check out the specials and promotions section of our website for updates on how you can save time and money!

How much do your uniforms cost?

Our prices depend on a variety of factors including choice of product as well as your choice regarding service channel.

The Teg Uniform is pleased to provide industry-leading competitive pricing, as a result of scale buying savings that we pass on directly to the customers we serve!

Why buy with The Teg Uniform when I can buy at a name brand retailer?

We have over 30 years of experience designing and partnering with schools for their uniform program. Most large retailers manufacture ‘fashion items’ that are not intended for six days a week / 12 months a year use. Plus, we ensure the longevity of our products by including enhancements like adjustable waists, stress-point reinforcements, sweat-resistant collars, extra-strength steam stitches, and yarns. A uniform, by definition, must be consistent, so our designs are classic and stand the test of time!

How do I extend the life of my product and ensure maximum durability?

Our products are easy to care for and designed for maximum durability, including features like stress-point reinforcement, extra strength yarn, and adjustable waists. Please read carefully our ‘Garment Care‘, but no extra special care is required!

can I buy products year round, or during ‘Back to School’ days or Peak season?

Our products are available year-round through this online store or our retail footprint. As uniform and dress code specialists, availability whole year-round is our core area of expertise. 

I’m interested in setting up a The Teg Unform program for my school, workplace or team. How can I do this?

Please contact us at [email protected] and one of our Executives will set up an appointment with you to understand your school’s needs.